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he most of the provisions needed for the journey to Pekin, as the Chinese hotels along the route could not be relied on with

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any certainty. No rain had fallen for some time, and the way was very dusty; but this circumstance only made it more amusin


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easing to the Doctor. Before they had been an hour on the road, it was not easy to say which was Fred and which Frank, until they

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ered themselves recognizable by washing their faces. Water was scarce, and not particularly good, and, besides, the operation of w

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ace was an affair of much inconvenience. So they contented themselves with the dust, and concluded that for the present they would

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cular about names or identity. At noon they had gone twenty-five miles through a country which abounded in villages and gardens

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eat many fields of wheat, millet, cotton, and other products of China; the fields were not unlike those they had seen on their voy

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Yang-tse; and as for the villages, they were exactly alike, especially in the items of dirt and general repulsiveness. The modes

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rming field labor were more interestin

  • JULY 2010

    Our Humble Beginnings

    g than the villages; the most of the fields were watered artificially, and the process of pumping water attracted the attention of the boys. An endless chain, with floats on it, was propelled through an incli

  • JANUARY 2011

    Facing Startup Battles

    ned box by a couple of men who kept up a steady walk on a sort of treadmill. There were spokes in a horizontal shaft, and on the ends of the spokes there were little pieces of board, with just sufficient space for a man's foot to rest. The men walk

  • DECEMBER 2012

    Enter The Dark Days

    ed on these spokes, and steadied themselves on a horizontal pole which was held between a couple of upright posts. Labor is so cheap in China that there is no occasion fo

  • FEBRUARY 2014

    Our Triumph

    r employing steam or wind machinery; it was said that a pump coolie was able to earn from[Pg 359] five to ten cents a day in the season when the fields needed irrigation, and he had nothing to do at other times. M

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    GATING FIELDS. The night was passed at a village where there was a Chinese tavern, but it was so full that the party were sent to a tem


    ple to sleep. Beds were made on the fl

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